Mindset is the key

Positive thinking, positive attitude to life and people – helps in achieving goals, extends life and brings happiness. How to learn positive thinking? Today, quantum physicists reaffirm what ancient philosophers have been teaching for thousands of years: thought is a wave of energy, and like any energy it can destroy and build. Each thought vibrates at a certain frequency that attracts a similar frequency to itself. Thought triggers emotions, which also create vibrations. So thoughts and emotions are waves of energy that we send out.depending on the quality of our thoughts and the words we say, we attract various events and people. When viewed from the perspective of the discoveries of quantum physics, we create our reality every day using thoughts, emotions, desires, beliefs, ideas and expectations.

We usually do it unconsciously. The more we repeat the same beliefs, the more we experience what they represent. Thoughts and words are like magnets that attract the exact same frequencies they send out into the world. Similar thoughts are drawn to us by events and people who vibrate in the same way. If we change our minds often, not necessarily pleasant surprises may happen to us.

Thoughts and words are vibrations that affect the world around us. They are intentions that we send out. This is The Law of Attraction – a universal law operating in the universe. Our consciousness has a real impact on reality. According to the The Law Of Attraction most of what has happened in our life and is happening now is a manifestation of our thoughts, desires, expectations, and beliefs. If our psychic energy has the power to create reality, then if we are consciously using this knowledge, we can attract what we want.

 “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”


Manifesting your perfect body.

The main key to make this happen is to have a vision for it. Before you start the process you have to agree with yourself ” yes that’s it, I will make it happen this time”. If you are no t100% sure you can keep the promise you will keep starting over every Monday and end it before the weekend comes.

((The moment you mindset will shift your entire reality will shift too. You will have no resistance or won’t allow the fear to win. You will to learn to work in alignments and manifest your goals. Let go and ride the wave! If you hold on too tight you won’t be able to enjoy your ride.)))

The fist stop of manifasting your body is to decide ”yes I will do it”

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