What is self-care?

Any activity that you might enjoy that will benefit your wellbeing. Self-care is very often wrongly taken as a luxury or selfish behaviour, rather than a necessity of part of living. 

Time to relax and rejuvenate should be a permanent fixture in our lives. The mindset should come first. Design the life you truly love. Forget the famous self-care Sunday, we would implement it in your daily routine.

Why self-care is important?

If you don’t take time off for yourself you will eventually feel overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy. Taking time to prioritise your body and soul will make you feel energised and aligned with yourself.

What does it mean feeling aligned?

Eating habits are better, you beam better energy and attract better things and people, having better self-control and discipline. When you are fully aligned with yourself you will notice habits they don’t serve any more, you are freeing the space in life that doesn’t add any value to your living, but also you make conscious choices when you rest. 

You will also show appreciation and more gratitude more often. Study shows that grateful people are healthier and happier. 

 There are 6 types of self-care:

Emotional – is all about taking care of your emotional well being. Things like: journaling, therapy, before bed making a list of 3 things you are grateful for, creating something arty, playing music. 

Spiritual – anything that is good for your soul; going to church, praying or meditating, yoga and connecting with nature or just simply taking time to reflect.

Practical-  all things that are practical in daily life: cooking something special, organising your daily schedule, decluttering your wardrobe, having a bath These types of very simple activities can hugely positively benefit you. 

Mental – anything that stimulates your mind: reading a book, learning a new language, playing chest, 

Physical – the most well known – going to the gym, running, eating healthy, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep. Anything kind to your body.

Social – going for brunch, girls night out, going for a meal after work.