What is motivation?

Motivation is being defined as the state of readiness to take a specific action, a need- driven set of mental and physiological processes, determining the basis of behaviour and its changes.

These processes direct the behaviour of an individual towards the achievement of certain states of affairs essential to them and direct the performance of certain activities so that they lead to the intended results. Such a result can be a change in external conditions, as well as a change in oneself, a change in one’s position. If the person is aware of the result of the activities performed then this result will be called the goal.

If you go deeper into this topic, you will  find out most of the  people who have contact with motivation in sports – regardless of whether on a hobby, amateur or professional level, will struggle with finding it at some point in life.

Where is my motivation? 

One of the main reasons we give up on being motivated is we don’t know what we want. We are lacking goals and clarity on what we want to become. If you don’t have the vision of how you want to make a change to your habits, you’ll always be the old version of yourself. Without the vision and goal, you will keep drifting away. 

Most of you will agree that it is easier to live a convenient life in our comfort zone without making changes.  If your excuse is you have no time, the answer is you make the time to set your goal and get motivated. 

Motivation comes from energy, energy is created by three factors in our lives: food, rest and activities we do. Those things either create the energy or suck it out. The food we eat, what we do in our free to relax, the type of people we spend time with, the news we read or watch, our sleeping habits can either make you feel great or kill your mojo and depressed.

Bad habits are all around us; lack of good sleep, bad food, excesses drinking,  social media scrolling for hours to kill your free time, giving time to people that aren’t positively impacting your life all of these things are killing the good energy that is needed to find your motivation. 

Try to break the bad habits and turn them into good ones: learn a new thing each day, invest time in self-care, eat and sleep well, appreciate small things in life, spend time with same minded people and you will see how your energy levels will change.

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.” —Unknown


How to get motivated to exercise? 

  1. Set realistic goals. Strat with beginners level, easy exercises and increase the intensity once you can do more. Breaking big goal into smaller pieces will keep you going, you won’t get discourage as quick you would have with a big challenge. 
  2. Choose an activity that works for you. Not everyone is a born runner, any form of exercise is good to get your body moving. 10k steps a day is a great way to start and most of us would enjoy it. 
  3. Celebrate success! Reward yourself for regular training sessions, you deserved it! Cook something special, have a long bath, have a glass of wine. We all need time to recharge our batteries to be able to start again. 
  4. Examine your body frequently. Squeezing those love handle and a muffin top will remind you what is you dislike about your body and motivates you to start doing something to make a change.
  5. Take pictures before and after, write a journal of your progress, take notes of your body measurements. You will soon realise seeing your body changing for the better is the best motivator to keep on going! One my favourite ways of keeping the track of it,  is the smart  RENPHO scale. You can down the app to keep a detailed track of your progress.
smiley bunch of pink and orange balloons

Motivation is a state of mind. 

To sum it all up, motivation is a happy state of mind, it’s the way we think and perceives all different things around us. To feel the motivation we need to stop for a second and evaluate our habits. Is there anything in your way that makes it difficult to be motivated? Being motivated can be hard at times, especially when you are having a bad day, but working slowly towards your good habits, making small changes to your old way of living in the right attitude towards your motivation.

So how do you stay motivated? Leave the comments below.

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